What's New for 2022

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What's New?

At SCP Automotive, we've been working on a few behind the scenes changes that will affect all products going forward. Outlined below is a list of changes that have been made, are currently being worked on and also some changes that we are working on for the next six months.


Recent Changes and Updates 

  • We've overhauled the design of the website, allowing us to better present content to you as a customer. Future proofing your ability to find what you need as our brand expands.
  • New interactive menu, with product categories based on car manufacturer, and subcategories for your specific model.


Ongoing Changes and Updates 

  • One of these changes is our new colour selector, allowing you to better visualise the colour you'll be purchasing while browsing the part, accessory or decal. Our team will continue to work on this to enhance the level of product customisation within the product page.
  • New and innovative products have been launched, helping us reach our goal of a wider catalogue range. This is also an ongoing goal, and more new product ranges should be expected in the near future. 


Future Changes and Updates 

  • Domestic (UK Mainland) customers will notice that we'll be implementing brand new shipping methods, and will mark our transfer over to a 100% tracked service, provided by Royal Mail. This will allow us to offer a better service to you by providing insights on where your parcel is, an estimated delivery and delivery confirmation for added peace of mind. 
  • More updates soon! We're keeping a few things under wraps.

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