About Us

Our Story

Year 1

Who we are

Two brothers, Brad and Brandon. Brad Sherratt is currently a student at Keele University studying Economics, alongside co-running the business with younger brother Brandon Sherratt. 

The brothers formed Sherratt Ltd. in 2018 with the aim to bring their own apparel brand to the market. However, it turns out choosing the right brand name with brand appeal and being worthy enough for people to buy and wear, was not easy. Personal interests in cars sparked, over a year later, stumbling upon a massive gap in the market.

The Business

On January 31 2020 Sherratt Custom Parts was born, Brad and Brandon began to create thier own custom parts including the widely popular Cooper S Badge Cover. The first item was sold online on the 2nd February 2020.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brothers decided to temporarily close the business after the announcement of the lockdown in the UK to strategise how they would approach, would they continue or would the business close permanently. They decided to go with the former and behind the scene were working on a bigger project, two weeks later Sherratt Custom Parts rebranded to SCP and reopened to the world. If they learned anything from this, it is to never give up, no matter what the world throws against them. After months of continued growth in lockdown they have experienced growth through the help of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, pushing our brand image and helping share new products we introduce to the market.

The car parts and accessories market is still a growing market area in the car industry. SCP have and are still introducing many high quality products to the car parts and accesories market, helping the market move forward while introducing a new standard for the professionalism that never existed in this market previously. SCP ensures all of our products meet the highest quality standards possible. SCP continues to produce and bring the market new and innovative products. SCP's catalogue since thier launch in February 2020 has seen exponential growth, getting closer to thier goal of making SCP the best place to purchase custom car parts and accessories.

SCP has rapidly grown into a global market player, providing custom car parts and accessories for MINI's to over 100 international markets. SCP has established its position as the go to choice in all continents. SCP's vision is to manufacture and sell custom British made products across the globe, and what better place to begin than with the vehicle that shaped modern vehicles as we know it today. Beginning with MINI, a widely popular brand, of which its community enjoys customising their car(s). Customisation on MINI's can begin with dechroming, but it doesn't stop there. There are hundreds, if not thousands of customisation options that we have to offer for MINI's alone.

Next Steps

In December 2020, SCP Automotive finally gets its first premises. We look forward to offering more services and creating new products and experiences for car enthusiasts.

Year 2

Expanding into more markets
We haven't reached our second year yet, but we'll update this page when we have more to add to our story.