The New MINI Cooper SE - J01

The New MINI Cooper SE - J01

The F56 replacement has been announced, and it will be known as the J01 MINI Cooper SE. 

The J01 Era (2024 onwards)

This vehicle sure looks to retain that MINI styling we all know and love, with some notable changes including: 

  • A new headlight design which looks to integrate a similar technology from the F56 LCI 2 models that feature an all inclusive light unit, instead of the separated units featured on all vehicles prior. The chrome surrounds have also disappeared, simplifying the front design of the car.
  • On top of that there’s a new bonnet style, which looks to end the clamshell design that’s been present since the R50 MINI.
  • Looking to the side of the car, the scuttle panel no longer features an indicator turn signal. However, this has most likely been moved to the wing mirror housing.
  • The rear of the car is where a lot of controversy surrounds, a new triangular tail light design dropping the infamous rounded rectangle shape and a new position for the model name (Cooper S), which now situates along the boot/trunk handle instead of the bottom right hand side.

Although there is a lot of changes, controversial or not, MINI’s aim is to offer a more modern and minimalistic approach to its current lineup to keep up with the competition in this ever changing world. Do you think MINI have made a step in the right direction?